"Mexico City's Best-Kept Secrets: A Traveler's Guide to the Extraordinary"

Are you seeking a fresh and thrilling adventure during your stay in MxCity? While the city is renowned for its iconic attractions, there are lesser-known treasures tucked away from the tourist crowds, each brimming with untold stories, architectural wonders, and cultural significance. Don’t get lost amidst the grandeur of MxCity without a plan – we’ve got you covered, babe.

Discover this curated selection of alternative destinations in Mexico City, the first installment of many, aimed at unveiling the rich history, charm, and cultural value of each unique locale.

Carcamo de Dolores Museum: A Marvel of Architecture

For architecture enthusiasts, the Carcamo de Dolores Museum located in the Chapultepec forest is an absolute must-visit. Erected in 1951 to celebrate the Lerma River hydraulic system that supplied water to the city, this hidden gem comprises three distinct tributes: the awe-inspiring building, Diego Rivera’s mural titled “Water: Origin of Life on Earth,” and the magnificent Tlaloc Fountain. The fountain itself is a masterpiece adorned with intricate mosaics.

Centuries ago, it served as Emperor Montezuma’s personal oasis, making it a historical marvel. Although architect Alberto Kalach led a restoration effort in 2010, the site bears witness to Chapultepec’s enduring role in water supply, retaining an enchanting, semi-abandoned allure.

Café Pacifico: A Haven of Inclusion and Delight

Just a stone’s throw away from Chapultepec’s forest lies Café Pacifico, a small corner of the Juarez neighborhood radiating with LGBTQIA+ love, verdant foliage, and delightful cuisine. This café, located close to Zona Rosa, has been a welcoming hub long before since its foundation.

Café Pacifico’s signature dish, an array of mouthwatering chilaquiles, might leave you spoiled for choice. For those averse to spice, their diverse coffee selection paired with scrumptious pastries offers a delightful alternative. Don’t miss their divine banana cake if you find yourself craving a sweet treat.

AGloria PulQUEERia: Dissident Delights and Pulque Exploration

AGloria, situated in the Doctores neighborhood near the Arena Mexico, where Lucha Libre battles ignite every Friday, is a vibrant pulqueria that defies tradition. Born amidst the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, founders Marcos and Eduardo initially sold alcohol and offered home deliveries until dawn. As restrictions lifted, patrons clamored for a space to enjoy pulque, and AGloria was born.

Today, AGloria stands as a pulque laboratory, experimenting with various curados and mezcal while fostering a space for friends and music lovers. It pays homage to Mexico’s cultural heritage while welcoming girls, gays and they’s with open arms.

UNAM’s Botanical Garden: A Natural Oasis

In the southern reaches of MxCity lies the splendid Botanical Garden of UNAM’s College. Established in 1959, this garden’s primary mission has been to preserve a living collection of plants that represent Mexico’s rich herbal diversity.

This remarkable garden and institute are dedicated to researching herbal diversity, educating the public and scientific community about the cultural significance of Mexican flora, and promoting sustainable use and conservation. A rescue center houses 300 of the 945 endangered plant species, striving to prevent their extinction.

The garden features serene ponds teeming with aquatic life, vibrant lilies, and colorful blooms. Hidden within the rock formations are caves with gentle waterfalls, ideal for a tranquil pause during your visit.

Mixcoac’s Archaeological Zone: A Pre-Hispanic Oasis in the City

Nestled in the western part of MxCity, the Mixcoac Archaeological Zone is a testament to resilience. One of Mexico’s smallest pre-Hispanic settlements that boldly stands amidst the city’s urban sprawl, contrasting sharply with the surrounding asphalt. It’s located on the highway’s edge within the lavish San Pedro de los Pinos neighborhood.

Archaeologist Eduardo Noguera first noticed this archaeological treasure during his daily commute in the early 20th century. In 1921, he led the first explorations, uncovering structures that endure to this day. The site’s significance expanded in the 1980s after the construction of Metro Line No. 7 yielded crucial Teotihuacan evidence.

Archaeologist Roberto Gallegos, overseeing the academic project, notes that Mixcoac, which also refers to the Milky Way, was evoked by the Mexica god. Today, our ancestors might look upon the concrete modernity that replaced the wonder of the night sky with a touch of nostalgia.

Ajusco’s Labyrinth: A Mystical Hideaway

Did you know that in the southern heart of the city lies a labyrinth and a Tudor-style mansion waiting to be explored? Built in 1999, the Ajusco Labyrinth is a masterpiece created by art historian Ignacio Figueroa, who transformed his home into an enchanting outdoor sanctuary.

The labyrinth, a near replica of England’s Heever Castle, beckons with its intricate design, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Adjacent to the labyrinth, a Tudor-style mansion captivates with its brick, tile, and exposed wooden framework, reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel’s house. Inside, the mansion boasts a curated collection of furniture and antiques chosen by Figueroa.

While the Ajusco Labyrinth is private property, it warmly welcomes the public. Special romantic experiences within the labyrinth, complete with wine and rose petals, are available for couples. During December, the mansion is adorned to resemble Santa Claus’s workshop.

Strolling through the Ajusco Labyrinth, you’ll find that it takes no more than 20 minutes, but we recommend savoring every moment to fully immerse yourself in its enchanting atmosphere – there’s no need to rush the magic.

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