"The First Pride Parade in Mexico: A Fabulous Tale"

Gather around, my darlings, because I’m about to spill the tea on how the very first Pride Parade came to life in Mexico City…

Picture this: It was 1978, almost a decade after the brutal Stonewall Riots. The LGBTQ+ community was facing police repression and rampant social discrimination. But honey, enough was enough! The gays of that time were like, “Bye, Felicia!” and decided to take a stand.

Different queer committees from all over the country joined forces and marched in solidarity with the Cuban Communist Movement in Mexico. They took to the streets, shouting to the world that they demanded equality and respect. I mean, talk about multitasking activists!

Now, hold onto your feather boas, because back then, the LGBTQ+ community wasn’t the colossal parade we see today. Nope, we’re talking about approximately 30 fierce souls from the Sexually Diverse Club who showed up to that first march. I know, you might be thinking, “Honey, Latinx families are bigger than that!” But hey, at the time, anything non-hetero or non-cis was seen as a mental illness. Can you believe? The nerve! 

But don’t you worry, my lovely unicorns, because change was on the horizon. Fast forward to June 1979, and the very first Pride Parade took place.

The same fabulous queer committees from the previous year sashayed from Chapultepec Park all the way to Carlos J. Finlay Square, which we now know as the Mother’s Monument. Their goal? To kick the moral police out of their lives, homes, beds, and panties! You go, queens!

This time, the march attracted way more people. Approximately one thousand fierce individuals showed up and revealed their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent —on foot, by subway, bus, car, bike, motorcycle, and yes, even on scooters. Werk!

The mottos shouted during that groundbreaking Pride Parade included gems like “There’s no political freedom if there’s no sexual freedom!” and “No one’s free until we’re all free.” Oh, and let’s not forget the timeless classic, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell…!” Oops, wrong motto, but RuPaul would still approve!

Now, brace yourselves, my darlings, because as expected, the first-ever Pride Parade caught the media’s attention. And what did they see? Exhibitionism and indecency! The shade of it all! But guess what? The rest of the country eventually caught up, although some states were a little fashionably late to the party. Sinaloa, Veracruz, and Querétaro didn’t have their own Pride Parade until after the year 2000. Fashionably late, much?

As time went on, Pride Parade evolved. The mottos, the number of attendees, and even the souvenirs you could buy changed. Because hey, this is Mexico, and we know how to put the “fiesta” in “la vida loca!”

But let’s not forget, squirrel-friends, that even after 40+ years, the fight isn’t over. We still march and demand an end to violence and hate crimes against queer people. We fight for recognition of our identities, access to proper healthcare, equal marriage laws, adoption rights for same-sex couples, and a complete ban on the absurd and harmful conversion therapies. Can I get an Amen, hunty?

But don’t you worry, my lovelies, because it’s not all about activism and fighting for our rights. We know how to have fun too! Pride Parade isn’t just a one-month celebration—it’s a year-round priority. It’s a reason to dress in the colors of the rainbow, to celebrate our true selves, and to show the world that love is love!

So, my dear readers, keep marching, keep loving, and always remember to rock your fabulousness. After all, we’re out, we’re loud, we’re proud, and we’re ready to slay the day!

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