"The OG Rebel of Mexican Herstory"

Hey, squirrel-friends! It’s time to dive into the sensational world of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, the ultimate boss babe of her time. This 17th-century trailblazer flipped the script on Mexican history, feminism, and LGBTQ+ narratives like a total legend. So, grab your virtual shades and get ready to sashay through her story with some extra sass!

Unpacking Sor Juana’s Origin Story

Back in the day when dudes dominated the written word, Juana slid into the scene like a boss. Born in colonial Mexico, she was raised by her fierce mother, Doña Isabel, who defied odds and managed the family hacienda, even though she couldn’t read – talk about girl power!

Juana, always hungry for knowledge, began her education in secret, tagging along with her older sister to school. When she realized formal education was a boys-only club, she was like, “Nah, I’m not having it!” After she was denied access to school, she hit up her grandpa’s private library and schooled herself in philosophy, Latin, and even Nahuatl, the Aztec language.

Courting Knowledge and Controversy

Fast forward to Juana’s teen years – she’s already owning philosophical debates and languages like a pro. The royal court in Mexico City couldn’t resist her brilliance, and Viceroy Tomás Antonio de la Cerda and his wife, María Luisa Gonzaga, adopted her into their squad. Sor Juana’s studies and poetry had everyone gagging – in awe and shock!

One of her famous verses, “Ye senseless souls, who hurl accusations at women unjustly, heedless of the mirror reflecting your own hypocrisy in the very blame you cast upon them…,” basically spilled the tea on sexist double standards. She read men for filth for their hypocrisy and accused them of corrupting women while blaming them for being “immoral.” Iconic!

Fame vs. Marriage: The Ultimate Face-Off

Juana was a total heartthrob. She had suitors lining up with marriage proposals, but she wasn’t here for it. Her heart belonged to knowledge, not a man. In a society that expected her to become a church mouse, she chose to be a nun. But not just any nun – she kept her independence, and her writing didn’t stop.

As she got older, she wrote dramas, comedies, and philosophical treatises, all while protecting her family from exploitation. She even gave a bombastic side-eye to the Holy Inquisition when they tried to silence her. Sor Juana was not to be messed with.

The Showdown: Sor Juana vs. The Church

In 1691, a pesky bishop criticized her under a female pseudonym, “Sor Filotea de la Cruz.” He told her to quit debating and focus on praying. Sor Juana clapped back, saying God gave women smarts to use ’em! But this heated exchange caught the archbishop’s eye, and the church started stripping her of her prestige… afraid much?

Furious but not ready to bounce, Sor Juana reluctantly renewed her vows. In her final act of defiance, she signed her name in her own blood as “I, the worst of all.”

The Juicy Rumors: Sor Juana’s Love Affair

Now, hold onto your pearls! Rumor has it that Sor Juana’s love wasn’t limited to books and philosophy. Yep, she had a thing for Vicereine María Luisa, and their relationship has been the subject of spicy debates among scholars. Some say it was romantic, some say it was platonic – but let’s be real, her poems to María Luisa speak volumes. “Being of womanhood or distant, these are no barriers to my affection for thee. For thou art well aware that souls remain oblivious to both distance and the confines of gender…” – it doesn’t take a genius to see the love vibes.

But alas, they faced too many obstacles – vows of chastity, María Luisa’s marriage, and the fact that same-sex love was a major no-no back then. Still, those love letters and poems? Total swoon material!

Nun, Lesbian, or Feminist Powerhouse?

Today, Sor Juana is celebrated as the OG feminist of the Americas. She’s been the talk of the town in books, documentaries, and operas. Until 2019, she even graced the 200 pesos bill in Mexico – talk about making it rain (with knowledge)!

Some folks argue about her identity, whether she’s Mexican or Spanish, but one thing is for sure – Sor Juana is a cultural icon. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of all Mexicans, whether they’ve read her works, admire her as a writer, or just think she’s the bomb on their cash.

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